​Argan and Passion Fruit - Brazilian Hair and Body Serum

​Argan and Passion Fruit - Brazilian Hair and Body Serum

Argan Serum is an ultra-light formula that is absorbed by the hair instantly, resulting in a natural, silky finish and brilliant shine.

Indication: To treat dry, unmanageable and frizzy hair. To restore over-processed hair damaged by environmental factors and chemical procedures. To soften thick hair, provide nourishment, reduce drying time, and speed up styling time.

How to Use: Apply a small amount on your palm, spread between hands, and apply on the wires more rebellious and dry ends.

The Argan Serum, obtained by the pressure of almonds and dried fruit extracted from Argan is rich in essential fatty acids (80%), 45% oleic acid and 35% linoleic acid, vitamin A, omega 6, and omega 9 and replace with advantages cholesterol in cosmetics. Essential fatty acid oil and argan avoid dryness and loss of elasticity of the skin.


Besides the use of pure oil, Argan oil can be easily incorporated into shampoos, conditioners, creams, masks, moisturizers, restaurateurs, and other cosmetics.


The argan oil can be used in Keratin, dyes, hair straighteners, oils, creams, lotions, conditioners intensive treatment, among others.

• Indications: The Argan oil hydrates, strengthens, restructures, and adds shine, softness, flexibility, softness, and life to hair. Treatment falls. It stimulates hair growth. Increases the length of life of the threads. It moisturizes the hair after chemical treatment.

2nd. USE BODY:

The argan oil can be used in oils, creams, and body lotions.

• Indications: argan oil can be used to treat eczema and acne, massage, prevention of stretch marks in pregnant women; soothing, moisturizing, and give luster to the skin. As for anti-aging, skin regenerator, antiseptic and fungicide; oxygenation and skin elasticity; protection against external aggression; restorer hydrolipidic layer of skin.


• The argan oil restructures and strengthens nails.


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