B2U Commerce



Export from Brazil

  • Cost sheets of goods to be exported

  • Pro forma Invoice

  • Advice on trading
  • Adjustment of Tax Classification
  • Preparation of Export Operations Register (RE)
  • Forecast expenditure for boarding
  • Issue of Commercial Invoice
  • Issue of Certificate of Origin
  • Issue of Packing List
  • Registration Statement Order
  • Simplified Export Declaration (SED)
  • Preparation Process Samples, Shows, Consignment
  • Temporary Export, Re-export
  • Preparation of design for Drawback
  • Legalization of documents at consulates
  • Consultancy on yours export projects
  • Obtaining consent from government agencies
  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Sending documents via Courrier
  • Assistance to follow-up processes

​​Import to Brazil

  • Checking the possible need for an Import License (IL)

  • Costs to the exporter for production documents

  • Receiving and checking Pro forma Invoice

  • Follow up the issue of Bill of Lading

  • Re-importation

  • Temporary Admission
  • Import with Tax Exemption
  • Drawback Process
  • Issue and monitoring of Import License (LI)
  • Issue of the Simplified Import Declaration (DSI)
  • Issuance of Import Declaration (I.D.) > Monitoring of Customs Clearance
  • Follow-up shipments > Coordination of cargo handling when necessary
  • Commercial Support
  • Products, Market and Sales Force
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Development of product distribution chains
  • Development of business through visits to clients
  • Participation in events for brand exposure
  • Price and trade policies
  • Marketing information
  • Development of marketing tools
  • Brand awareness
  • Planning for investment in governmental media
  • Request for Certificate of Origin
  • Enable the Simplified and Ordinary Radar modes
  • Tax and Financial consulting
  • Decision Making Processes
  • Advice on projected cash flow
  • Production Flow and Process Control
  • System and Costs Control
  • Information Technology and Systems
  • Development of strategic planning
  • Evaluation of financial products
  • Search for projects to invest

In Brazil

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