Derma Patch Facial Golden Mask

Derma Patch Facial Golden Mask

Have youthful and radiant skin with the Derma Patch Facial Golden Mask

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The treatment involves two steps that revitalize and protect against aging

Suitable for men and women of all ages, the mask Derma Patch by Bio Genetyc ensures beautiful, healthy, and noticeably smoother skin. The results can be seen from the first application: areas with marks of expression are attenuated; the face gets lighter and is deeply hydrated.  

The treatment is divided into two steps. First is the application of the Peel Off mask, made with colloidal gold that combats excess skin oil, removes dead skin cells and blackheads using mechanical peeling action. To maximize the effect, the composition is enriched with calcium, a powerful mineral that hydrates and fights pigmentation spots.

Benefits of Colloidal Gold

* Transforms the skin, leaving it with a younger-looking

* Stimulates the increase of collagen

* Restores minerals that the body loses with age

* Regenerates and revitalizes the cells

* Protects against free radicals

The second application is a Lifting Mask that provides deep hydration and the appearance of new skin, visibly brighter and flawless. Key ingredients include Ginko Biloba Extract, Collagen, Clay, and Allantoin that will assist in the hydration process. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE, Wheat Protein Extract, Black Tea, and vitamin E, responsible for promoting a real immediate lifting without pain or redness. The two masks used together, one after the other, are equivalent to more than 15 days of treatment with conventional creams.


The kit also comes with a tube of Derma Beauty Gel Cream, an anti-age that produces a straining effect that reduces flaccidity, wrinkles and softens the skin. A unique formulation with Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE, Wheat Protein Extract, Black Tea, and Vitamins to keep the effects achieved with treatment.


Bio Genetyc is a bold and innovative cosmetic manufacturer company, with focus on products that deliver amazing results for your customers, and produce several important brands such as Argan Brush, Magic Sleek, Belle de Natur, Manga Rosa, among others.

The company has invested in equipment, technical expertise and qualified personnel, obtaining total control through the process of creation and at the final quality of our products.

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