Reduxyl Hair

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Reduxyl Hair

Reduxil is an additive for hair straitening chemises. It promotes better results in products with Formaldehyde in its formulation.

Formula benefits:

· It helps to eliminate the formaldehyde smell by 70%.

· Increase the lasting of the straightening by 30%.

· Helps to protect the hair from the Chemist and the heat.

· The Reduxyl is not a substance that masks the presence of formaldehyde in the process but is an additive that makes the formaldehyde reacts with the hair more efficiently so you do not feel it during operation.

· Therefore is very important to follow the step by step to get the best result.

· The Reduxyl is an additive for straitening, which also helps in restoring the missing mass.

· The Reduxyl increases the duration of any hair straitening.


Ideal to use on chemist that contains formaldehyde.

· Use on damaged hair because Reduxil gives thermal protection and also helps to rebuild the hair mass.

It guarantees the reaction with the hair safer and more efficient.

How to use:

• Add 10 ml of Reduxil in a bowl using the measuring cup.

• Add up to 100 ml of your chemical product you need to use (relaxer, brush, or color).

Mix well and leave it to sit for 15 minutes.

• Apply the product as you are used to and allow it to soak for 20 minutes.

• Continue the process as you are used to doing.