​Power Caviar

Hair Regenerator

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​Power Caviar - Hair Regenerator


Power Caviar - Hair Regenerator


RED CAVIAR is the most luxurious product in the cosmetic world, developed for the woman who wishes for exceptional care for her hair. It provides regeneration of the characteristics from a virgin hair, with the full recovery of the capillary fibers. The Mimetic Pearls of Caviar preserve the integrity of the nutrients originated from the caviar and when mixed with the super-enriched cream mask, the ingredients become the most advanced formulation already developed with an unprecedented result: the regeneration and revitalization of the hair wires. Providing a "reborn fiber" effect. The hair becomes soft, shiny, and with a breath of vitality.

How to use: Add in a bowl the same quantity of RED CAVIAR step 1 and step 2, mixing them thoroughly. With the products already mixed, apply wick by wick throughout the hair. Let it work for 10 minutes. Rinse the hair and brush it.

About Biogenetyc

Founded in 1984, the company started its activities in the city of São Paulo, manufacturing cosmetics for third parties and for the retail market. Since 1994, under the direction of a group of engineers a new dynamic was introduced and the result was the emergence of "Premium" products, bringing together high technology and advanced quality. It is a company that completely dominates its production process from creation to production of packaging.