Pelefina Feet Cream

Pelefina Cream - End of Scrubbing the Feet


Feet soft and free of cracks with Pelefina Cream from Bio Genetyc

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With Nanosilver particles, the product promotes recovery of dry skin or calluses 

Starting the summer with the feet hydrated and protected and without the use of abrasives is possible with Pelefina Cream, launch by Biogenetyc, a cosmetic brand that invests in high performance. Suitable for dry or cracked heels, the product softens the skin contributes to the softening of rigid parts, and still keeps the area looking healthy. A small application at night just to get a soft and smooth heel in a few days (without the use of rough stone).  

 How to use: Apply one to two times a day a thin layer in the parched regions of the feet especially the heels.

The Pelefina feet cream is a very powerful product, the latest generation, capable to make deep moisturizing on the feet skin, especially the heels of the most parched region. 

This hydration is achieved through botanical extracts and a special formulation for maximum result, which added to the silver particles, which protect the skin from micro pathogenic organisms, it takes this product efficiency unique. With a week of use, you'll notice a significant improvement in the appearance of the feet. 

Its formulation contains nanosilver particles, a component that has multiple benefits when incorporated into cosmetics: protects against bacteria and fungi; facilitates healing; regenerates the epidermal cell; has antiperspirant action, and inhibits odors.                                                                                                                   

The nanosilver particles help in the penetration of moisturizers on the skin layer that is dead and hard, besides providing circulation at the site of application, thus helping in the recovery of the skin and restoring the cracks, making the feet that feeling old silky and soft feet. 

The cream promotes an intense and effective treatment to reach deeper layers of the skin, usually not obtained by conventional products. Fast absorption helps not to leave greasy feet.

To enhance hydration, the formula contains vitamin E, Urea, and Botanical Extracts (Aloe Vera, Calendula, Chamomile, Sage, and Shea). Just a small application nightly to get smooth and soft feet in no time.

Biogenetyc knows how important it is to have hands and feet soft and beautiful. Therefore, developed a revolutionary line of cosmeceutical products that not only protect the hands and feet, as well as promote a recovery of the skin intensely and effectively.

About Biogenetyc

Founded in 1984, the company started its activities in the city of São Paulo, manufacturing cosmetics for third parties and for the retail market. Since 1994, under the direction of a group of engineers a new dynamic was introduced and the result was the emergence of "Premium" products, bringing together high technology and advanced quality. It is a company that completely dominates its production process from creation to production of packaging.

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