Vita Labium

Long Lasting Lipstick 

Vita Labium - Long Lasting Lipstick

Using the latest technology, the Bio Genetyc brings a lipstick line "Premium" with very special characteristics that put them at a level far superior to any alternative on the market. 

In addition to practical and innovative packaging, the lipsticks of the line “Long Lasting” have another awesome feature: They remain much longer in the lips and do not stain clothing and objects!

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Try doing the test you: Spend a thin film on the back of your hand, wait 10 minutes, and then usually with a napkin ring. 

Take the test with lipstick and a Common Beauty of Life. Amazing!

Key Features and Benefits: 

·          Do not go out in clothes, glasses, surgical masks ... and kisses;

·          Protects and revitalizes lips thanks to its formula with natural extracts and vitamin E;

·          Contains Sunscreen offering additional protection against the sun rays;

·          With special packaging and exclusive mechanism of micro-tip bristles allows precise dosing, and a clearer outline perfect the design of the lips;

·          The qualities of a lipstick brush with the ease of use of a lipstick wand;

·          Do not waste content, so lasts much longer;

·          When applied normally no need to remove excess with paper;

·          A selection of 10 metallic colors and tasteful;

·          Results comparable to imported products and much higher price;

·          Visual refined and luxurious, pen-shaped (and so easy to use as a pen).


Lipstick Long Lasting in gel form, with the latest generation polymers that form an impermeable film, preventing it from being transferred by contact to other surfaces and also minimizing the transdermal water loss, keeping lips hydrated and protected. 

The film is completely waterproof from 5 to 10 minutes after application, forming a protective barrier that prevents the product from staining clothes, glasses, cigarettes, masks, skin, etc. 

Uniquely formulated with natural extracts, vitamin E, and Sunscreen that protects and revitalizes the lips while maintaining its natural moisture and prevent dryness and dehydration of the skin due to exposure to the environment. 

Packing with a precision adjustment mechanism, dosing the ideal amount of product in a micro-tip bristle, allowing total control of the application without waste. The transparent window lets you see the color and quantity of the product without opening the cover. 

Does not exist in the world cosmetics market any product with the same characteristics. 

Ingredients: Beeswax, Copernica Cenifera (Carnauba), Parfum, BHT, Ricinus Communis Seeds Oil (Castor), Dimethycone, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Chamomilla Recutita Extract, Essence, Topophenyl Acetat (E Vitamin), Mineral Oil, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, and Colorants.


Bio Genetyc is a bold and innovative cosmetic manufacturer company, with focus on products that deliver amazing results for your customers, and produce several important brands such as Argan Brush, Magic Sleek, Belle de Natur, Manga Rosa, among others.

The company has invested in equipment, technical expertise and qualified personnel, obtaining total control through the process of creation and at the final quality of our products.

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